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Welcome to the G-Spot section of our site! Here you will find links to many Sega related sites across the net, if you know a good one and it's not here please drop us a line and it soon will be! Please don't send dead Sega sites. Our multiplatfrom section contains all those great sites where you can keep up to date on the latest happenings in the industry.

Sega of America: Home of the most innovative company in the gaming industry

Sega: This is where all the true talent lies, in Japan

Sega of Europe: Sega's branch out in europe, the best looking out of the three

Sonic Team: This is Sonic Team's official website

Dreamcast.ign: This was the official site chosen by Sega for news, reviews etc

SegaWeb: Alive and Kicking this is one hell of a good site for all things Sega

SegaBase: This excellent site has tons of info on Sega systems

Dreamcast Technical Pages: Mr. Gorden Vink provides the most detailed technical layout of the dreamcast you will find anywhere

PlanetDreamcast: One hell of a good site, nough said

Dricas World: Started out dedicated to the dc web browser and now offers much more

Shin Force: A quality site with content on all of Sega's systems

Booyaka: A wide selection of game saves you can download to your vmu, plus animations and other neat stuff!

VMU Saves: Another great source for VMU saves

PlanetWeb's Dreamcast Portal: Creators of the web browsers for dc and saturn, although the Saturn pages are gone you can still view movies on DC, download MP3's and much more.

Forever Sega: Lots of stuff to check out on Sega's Systems, great site although outdated in the news department

Sega Dreamworld: Fantastic Dreamcast site with lots to download

The Sega Network: Another good source for information

Dreamworld UK: Great site that is completely dreamcast and netlink friendly

Sega Saturn Covers: This baby is an excellent stop if your looking for covers for you Saturn games

Syngori's Dreamcast homebrow and single game covers: The link says all

Sega Storm: Not updated anymore but worth a surf

Dave's Sega Saturn Page: This is one of the best saturn sites out there

Saturn Empire: This page lists all the Saturn games released in North America

Sega Arcade: The Official site for Sega amusements USA

Sega Forever: This is a great place to download instruction books for Sega games

Sega Master System: Wow! If your a fan of the Master System don't miss this one!

Sega Master System Museum: If your a fan this page is a must!

The Sega Notebook: The Sega Notebook is a compilation of instruction manuals, strategies, tips and cheats for Master System games.

Sega Swirl: The official site for this great game that you can download to your pc for free

Sega Life: These guys stay up to date on Sega's games for all systems

The Sega Dreamcaster: Not updated anymore but worth a surf

Sega Saturn Gamesaves: You'll find many good game saves for the good 'ol saturn here

Lucky 7: Tons of info and pics on Sega cd here

My Sega: Great coverage on Sega's activities, specialy Shenmue

Sonic Central: Great site dedicated to the mighty blue hedgehog

Sonic HQ: The Ultimate Sonic source

Sonic Info Page: Another source for all you sonic lovers

Tony's Sonic Site: Good job Tony! Need I say anything?

The Shenmue Legen: Wow! You got to check this site out!

The Shenmue Fan Site: Out of date but worth a surf

Sega Ages: Excellent source for info on Outrun, Afterburner, Space Harrier and more!

Iso News: Keep up to date on what game is being riped and when The best site on the net to get covers for your games

GameSages: This incredable site will take care of your code and walkthrough needs for all of your Sega systems and more!

GameFAQs: Having a hard time finding your way through a game? This place has all the answers and tons of codes for all systems

Assembler: You will find information and pics on some of the most rare and sought after videogame related items in the world, CLICK IT CLICK IT!

Classic Home Video Games Museum: This site is a must visit, lots of info on game systems you probebly didn't know even existed! Excellent coverage on the Master System

Classic Gaming Creations : Are you looking for new games for your old systems? Click this link and prepare to become a very happy person!

Play Another site where you will find new hardware and software for your vectrex system plus some "how to do's!

Matt's Panasonic & 3DO page: Title says all

The Electric Playground: Just like the tv show, great place for news, previews, and reviews

Gaming Maxx: Not what it used to be, this site doesn't have many articles daily...

Erkay's Gameworld: Long to load, hard to read, don't bother unless your on a PC

Cheat Index: A free newsletter and tons of cheat codes for the most popular systems only

Console Domain: Great looking site with equal coverage on all systems

Game Daily: If your a pro in the industry then this site is a must

Videogame Review: One of the best, peroid. Another great site to keep up to date on the latest news