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Welcome to Segateam! This site is best viewed using a Dreamcast or Saturn Netlink and was completely designed using a Dreamcast. On this network you will find many links, game saves, vmu mini games, on-line stores, chat links, and more! We want this place to be your one stop shop for all your Sega needs so if there is a link that should be here please drop us a line and we'll gladly add it! The chat links are for Dreamcast and Saturn Netlink users only.

Segateam Hot Spot: Emulation on Dreamcast is still a hot topic and going strong, click here for some excellent links as well as some great on-line stores that carry all things Sega

Segateam G-Spot: This is where you will find links to Sega sites across the net and a multiplatform section

Segateam VMU Downloads: This is where you'll find some great saves and mini games for that awesome little memory card the VMU

Segateam Collection: Click to see a list of our games for all of Sega's systems. We are always open for trade and if you would like to see a list of our games for other systems drop us a line

Segateam Undernet: A server list for the Undernet Network

Segateam Efnet: A server list for the Efnet Network

Segateam Ircnet: A server list for the Ircnet Network

Segateam Dalnet: A server list for the Dalnet Network and a section for other smaller chat servers like Sega's at the bottom

DreaMcasters Home Page: Links to help you make web pages, valuable links for Sega related material, and much more!

Sega CD Revival: Jason's site has an awsome collection of sega cd covers that you can use in the small jewl cases. Awsome!

Ncrypteds: Here you will find everything you need to know about self booting your dc games and much more!

Nescapades: Here at Gibby's site is an all out salute to the great NES system and more!