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Welcome to our e-mail directory, this is the place to connect with other Saturn and Dreamcast users. If you wish to become part of this comunity please return to the home page and e-mail us. Be sure to include your first name, sex, age, city, state/provence, and your cybername. The information on each user will be Name/Sex/Age/Location. This page will continously be updated, so be sure to inform us of any changes. UPDATE:(Feb. 22, 2000) Segateam is proud to announce its newest staff member TRiPLE-J of Canada who is responsible for maintaining this directory.

d-pad: Gabriel/M/24/Phoenix, Arizona

DreaMcaster: Gary/M/30/Ridgeway, Ontario

Ladyhawk: Vicky/F/26/St.Jerome, Quebec

Blaze: Steve/M/25/St.Jerome, Quebec

Amouri: ?/M/?/?

Kahari: ?/?/?/?

Atomic Ninja: ?/M/?/?

Joshuah: Joshuah/M/?/?

Hamburger: information pending

Makoto: information pending

Erick: Erick/M/?/?

HyperTheory: ?/M/?/?

GameAddict: Cesar/M/26/San Antonio, TX

Josh: Josh/M/?/?

GT: Mike/M/41/Camden, DE

Esco: Daniel/M/?/New Castle, Delaware

Joe: Joe/M/?/?

FPanther: ?/M/?/?

Michael: Michael/M/?/?

Anthony: Anthony/M/?/?

deadhead: Rob/M/?/?

Billy: Billy/M/?/?

Mermaid Fantasy: Melody/F/52/Millersport, Ohio

Eham: ?/M/?/Quebec, Canada

Balcony: information pending

Jason: Jason/M/?/?

jbomb: information pending

dabownbouie: Josh/M/?/?

Death: ?/M/?/?

demoneyeZ: Aysa/F/13/Lincoln, NE

cryingcure: David/M/?/?

DWELLER: Michael/M/?/?

Lump Gravy: information pending

Geet Thumper: information pending

James: James/M/?/?

Brooks: ?/M/?/?

K00l5h0w: information pending

K.Starr: AnnaMarie/F/?/?

C.M. Stephens: ?/M/?/?

Aron Bond: Aron Bond/M/?/?

Mikael A: Michael/M/?/?

AnSwEr: Freddie/M/15/Beverly, MA

Darrow: ?/M/?/?

Chris: Chris/M/?/?

Deborah: Deborah/F/?/?

Dark Mann: ?/M/?/?

Bryan: Bryan/M/?/?

James: James/M/?/?

Dwayne: Dwayne/M/?/?

Disco: information pending

billsue3D: information pending

froggo1: ?/M/?/?

Jonathan: Jonathan/M/?/?

Brian: Brian/M/?/?

Bob: Robert/M/?/?

Kevin: Kevin/M/?/?

David: David/M/?/?

DCGuru: ?/M/?/?

MDA: ?/M/?/?

FRX: ?/M/?/?

dream101: ?/M/?/?

Eviltattoo: information pending

h2o: Matt/M/?/?

Alex666: Virginia/?/?/?

beatle: Sharon/F/?/?

Baily: Adam/M/?/?

Warcaster: ?/M/?/?

Psychy Hulaboy: ?/M/?/?

Player1: information pending

Soul-Edge: Troy/M/?/?

TopDog2k: ?/M/?/?

Segaman: Frank/M/?/?

WebJunky: ?/M/?/?

Weby2k: Chris/M/?/?

ZeroOption: Darnel/M/21/?

SupaMan: Phil/M/?/?

Omar: ?/M/?/?

Ripsauce: information pending

presario: Shawn/M/?/?

TinaBeana: Tina/F/29/Hamilton, Ontario

TRIPLE-J: Jay/27/M/Hamilton, Ontario

zschau: information pending

Red: ?/?/?/Quebec

Tanya: Tanya/F/?/?

Paul: paul/M/?/?

SirPhil: ?/M/?/?

White Wolf: ?/M/?/?

Tek: ?/M/?/?

SegaHavoc: ?/M/?/?

Phillip: Phillip/M/?/?

Rick: Rick/M/?/?

Omnivoid: ?/M/?/Ontario

Rackboy: ?/M/?/?

Todd: Todd/M/?/?

Qwack: ?/M/?/?

TimC: Timothy/M/?/?

ViperKing: George/M/18/?

Tranzor-z: ?/M/?/?

neo-burner: ?/M/?/?

Oussana: information pending

Templar: Mary/F/?/?